Weekly Update – 16th of October 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

My last Friday update until we return after the October break.

October Holiday : 1pm Friday 16th – Tuesday 27th at 8.30am

Positive Cases in Schools
As you are aware, like so many other schools we had a confirmed case of COVID in the school over a week ago. We were able to follow the guidance provided by the City and NHS Lothian to ascertain close contacts. Though I do not want to tempt fate, I am reassured by the measures we are taking as a school to minimise the risk of transmission. There still needs work to be done to ensure all those pupils who can, are wearing face coverings in corridors e.g. in between classes.

How to Report a Positive case
If after a test a pupil has a positive test result and this is out of school hours then you must inform the City asap via the out of hours contact number 0131 200 2000.
If it is during school hours please call the school directly on 0131 477 7801.

Scottish Qualifications Association (SQA)

The Education Secretary announced last Wednesday that there will be no National 5 final examinations next May. We await further information on the procedures that schools will all follow to generate robust pupil grades.

Higher and Advanced Higher SQA exams are due to go ahead in May.

Over the years CCHS has made great progress with how smart our pupils look when they come to learn at school. I have commented on this at assemblies and in previous parent/carer updates. However, whilst the vast majority of pupils are following our school uniform policy,  it is apparent that some pupils are choosing to try and push the boundaries. Senior pupils, parents/carers and staff have asked about us maintaining high standards with our uniform and I would ask for your support in ensuring that your child is wearing the appropriate uniform coming to school..

Congratulations: Many pupils received well deserved certificates for excellent attendance this half term. Look out for more certificates next term for those who are trying their best in all subject areas and for those with excellent attendance.

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable October break.

Quote of the week:

“Believe you can and you are halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Ian Porter - Acting Headteacher

Kind regards,

Mr Porter
Acting Headteacher

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