Weekly Update – May 29

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Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils of Craigroyston,

I hope everyone has had a great week! On my way to and from school each day (I’ve been in the hub this week!) it’s been so lovely to see our families out in their gardens or out for a walk or our pupils helping with the shopping! I hope you’ve all had the chance to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and that it’s made lockdown that wee bit easier!

Today Andy Gray, Chief Education Officer for the City of Edinburgh Council, released a letter for all parents and carers. I will outline the information he shared throughout the sections below.

Return to School

Staff will have an in-service day on Monday 10th August and schools will reopen to pupils on Tuesday 11th August. Due to the current situation, all pupils will not be able to be in school at the same time. As Andy Gray indicated, it is likely that for the foreseeable future pupils will follow a model of blended learning – this means that they will spend time in school learning as well as completing learning online at home. We are working very hard to plan our young people’s learning in line with the Scottish Government Guidelines which were released yesterday afternoon. The CEC have also indicated that they will release guidelines very soon which will also inform our decisions. As soon as we have confirmed our plan we will let you know – we want to give you as much notice as possible so that you know what our pupils’ learning will look like after summer. Our main aim is to ensure that our young people are the given the best possible education in the safest environment.

P7 Transition

This week, all parents and carers of P7 pupils who are attending Craigroyston next session have been sent a transition booklet; information on uniform and a letter from me – please look out for this in the post! Pupils who are coming from outwith our cluster primary schools are also being contacted by phone by the new S1 Year Head, Miss Stewart. Please look out for an unknown number or the school number calling you!

Whilst we cannot confirm this just yet, we are hoping that we can have a form of P7 transition during the last week of term. We would really like to have the opportunity to meet you all before school begins in August and give you the chance to have a tour of our school! More will come on this once we have guidelines from the CEC.

School Uniform

Many parents have been asking about ordering new school uniform for next session. If your child requires a new blazer or has outgrown their old one, please come to school on either Monday 22nd or Tuesday 23rd June between 9am and 3pm. You will have the opportunity to check sizes and either buy it on the day if we have your size in stock or order it for delivery to the school. If you’d prefer to order online the website is: https://www.logoxpres-schoolwear.co.uk. You can then order your blazer to come to your house or school. If you have ordered your blazer to come to school, you can pick it up on Wednesday 29th July between 9am and 3pm. Please note that Logoxpres is the company we use for all our uniform. I am aware that other companies sell blazers that are similar to ours but because they have a different sizing structure and badge, we cannot swap these for you if you order the wrong size. We are also aware that a company has been advertising school cotton jumpers with our badge on it – these jumpers are not part of the school uniform.

This year blazers are £34 and ties are £4.50. We recognise that buying school uniform can be costly so we of course want to help you in any way we can! Please email me or message the Facebook page if you have any problems or would like to discuss anything about the uniform.

Learning and Teaching

Well done again this week to all our pupils who have been working so hard at home! We can see how much effort you’ve been putting in and I know teachers are delighted with your hard work! We know that everyone’s circumstances are different and this is a very challenging time. As I said last week, the main thing is that you’re trying your best – and please know that we’re here to support you if you need any help with anything!

Access to Electronic Devices and Teams

Like last week, please do not hesitate to email me or message the Facebook page if you’re having any issues accessing an electronic device, need your password or are struggling to work on Teams. We can help you with this! It is important that we ensure that every young person is in a position where they can access their learning online!

As always, we’re missing each and every one of you every single day! This term is usually full of exciting events and moments: the Prizegiving, trips to places such as Blackpool and exciting activities in school such as cake craft. Today, Mrs Brown and I were supposed to be flying out to Tanzania with eighteen senior phase pupils to help build houses in a community. I am very sad for our pupils and staff that none of these things are happening this year. However, the positive thing is that we’ve come together as a school and community, looked after each other and tried to keep everyone as safe as possible during this pandemic.

Please do not hesitate to email me at Shelley.McLaren@craigroyston.edin.sch.uk or message our Facebook page if there is anything at all we can help you with!

Take care, stay safe and hope to see you all soon!

Kind regards,
Mrs. McLaren

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